Thursday 16 March 2017

Home Feng Shui Decorations

Do you believe in Feng Shui ?  To me, it is about being in the environment that involves natural Science, Geography and the human visual.  When someone feeling uncomfortable in a certain area that's the effect of "bad" feng shui to that particular person, then something need to be done to make the place comfortable for his/her living, like de-cluttering and cleaning up (which we are trying hard to do), or removing intruding shape edges, etc.

We always see a lot of feng shui decorations in and around the buildings, shops and people's house.  Most of those decorations are very pleasing to our eyes, with that effect, our mood and spirits are lifted up.  That is the magic of figurines feng shui I think.

I particularly like the little colourful fountain that I bought around this Chinese New Year, I hope the movement of the water and the colourful lights will bring in positive chi into our home.

What do you think of my Feng Shui decorations ? Do you apply Feng Shui at your home or office ?

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