Saturday 5 January 2008


Mum gave me some fish balls, wantons and a simple instruction for me to cook a soup for my dinner yesterday (Mum knows very well that this daughter of hers is not good at cooking and that her grand daughters are not getting good meals most of the time.... :( Mum, don't worry, I am trying my best. :>). Within 15 minutes, the soup is done, it turned out to be delicious and nutritious too. Crystal ended up ate two bowls of rice with the soup of course. I thought it would be nice for me to share my home cooked soup with my fellow friends here.

Delicious Fish Ball, Wanton & Spinach soup

Ingredients: (serve 4)
a) 2 Tb spoons cooking oil
b) Some garlic & red onions (chopped)
c) 4 cups of water (or as desired)
d) Salt and chicken granule
e) 10 Fish Balls (halves)
f) 16 Wanton wrappers
g) Seasoned minced pork
h) Spinach

To make Wantons: Place 1 tea spoon of (g) onto (f); fold and gently twist the wanton wrapper, it will stick by itself. Repeat process till all wanton wrappers are wrapped up.

To cook the soup : Heat (a); fry (b) till fragrance, pour in (c) and add (d) to taste; Bring to boil and put in the ready made Wantons and (e); bring to boil and add in spinach, off fire when the soup is boiled. Serve with rice, mee or meehoon..

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