Friday 29 February 2008


What is the best compliment that you received so far?

To me, the best compliment comes from my precious little girl, Crystal. One day after fetching her from school, both of us were waiting in the car for the daddy who was meeting a friend in his office. Out of a sudden, she hugged me by using her little hands around my neck and there came a sweet voice "Mummy, you are the best mummy ever in the whole wide world, I love you mummy".

"I love you too, girl" I replied. Then I asked her, "But mummy always scolds you ah?"

She looked at me and replied "because I naughty bah! and.. I don't want you to die!" She showed a sad face after saying this.

To reassure her and take these insecure feelings out from her, I said "Oh, don't worry, mummy is not going to die, mummy want to see you and your mei mei Pearl grow up and become useful persons."

She puzzled for a while and asked "what is a useful person, mummy?"

In order for her to understand what I meant in a little mind sense, I said "to be a useful person means, listen to your daddy and mummy, study hard, help others, do not cheat or lie to people....OK?"

"OK" she replied. "Can I kiss you, mummy?"

"Can..." I replied. Then she gave me a tender kiss on my cheek.

"I love daddy too and why daddy so slow...?"

"Little while more, your daddy is coming..."

It was so sweet and pure, it touches my heart so much that this will last forever. Undoubtedly, it's the best compliment in a my life....

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