Friday 29 February 2008


It's the time of the year when parents are busy choosing a primary school for their kids. Registration is now opened for children born in the year 2003 (children of the sheep year) to Primary 1 two years later, i.e. 2010. I am one of those parents this year. I am planning to register Crystal to Shan Tao primary school where I studied before. It is near to where we live too. It was advertised in the newspaper that the school only accept the max of 300 students due to limitation of classrooms, that's really makes me worry whether I will be able to secure a place for my little girl. James & Jenny will be registering Joshua to the same school too.. Guess we have to be there as early as 6am to queue up for the form.
There have been many cases that children are sent to primary schools that are far away from their residing address, that cause a lot of troubles and stresses to the parents. We wouldn't want to be at that kind of situation later.
For those whose children were borned in 2003, please get ready and bring along the neccessary documents to the school for registration. The documents are: birth certificate of your child (both original and duplicate), IC of both the parents (Original & duplicate). Some school even ask for a copy of the electricity or water bill to show the actual resident's address.

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