Saturday 6 September 2008

On Chinese Translation Task

It was a busy and brain draining working week for me despite having had a Monday public holiday. I was given a task to translate two articles from English to simplified Chinese on Thursday and my boss needed them on Saturday morning. Gosh..the articles were about the benefits and the types of Coenzyme Q10(CoQ10) available in the market place today. I spent the whole two days translating and doing the corrections after my boss had proofed read them. Great that I managed to do it with the help of online translation website and NJStar Chinese WP, they have indeed make translation works so much easier. The only set back I faced was that I am not so familiar with the Han Yi Ping Ying thingy as I had never learnt that during my school time, furthermore I have also forgotten how to write many of the Chinese wordings since I seldom use them nowadays.
I was unable to finish all the corrections that I needed to do during the office hours that I have to continue at home, after my dinner, spending another 2 hours or so trying to search for the right words using Han Yi Ping Ying at NJStar, finally I got everything done and emailed to my boss at 10.40pm. Tasks accomplished but exhausting; I got the opportunity to refresh my mind on the benefits of Co Q10 by doing this tasks, I took Co Q10 supplements months ago but stopped taking it after my supplies have exhausted, and knowing what the benefits that this supplement can do to our bodies, I should make an effort to resume having it as part of my supplements.

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  1. hmm thinking of translating medical or technical page really seems hard haha! just by looking at it, almost all of the sentences seem really complex. using an online app could help, but you can't be sure of its accuracy, since it's just automated.


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