Wednesday 24 June 2009

Making Money on line with Adsense

Is it possible to make extra money through Adsense? I was very skeptical about the stories of people claiming that they are making monies through Adsense all this while not until recently one of my facebook friend, Alan Tan, showing his income that he received from Adsense for two consecutively months. It has indeed opened my eyes right away and convinced that it is true that there are monies to be made there if you put efforts into developing your blogs or websites by placing Adsense.

The fastest way in realising the income generated from Adsense is to withdraw from Western Union counter where you can withdraw cash instantly. There are Western Union counters in many local banks and private operated outlets can also be found in major cities and towns throughout the country.

Payment from Adsense in a form of cheque will take up to 3 months to clear in our local banks simply because it was issued from a US bank in US currency.

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  1. Yes, Western Union is so convenient and fast. I have just withdrawn my earnings from WU at PBB.


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