Friday 19 June 2009

Surveyhead! Your online survey site

I received a msn from my colleague who sits just next to me with an interesting online survey site called Surveyhead! It is an international online survey site, free for all to join, they even pay USD 5.00 upon signing up. Good deal.

I signed up with Survehead and earned a total of RM21.16 in my account with them in just 20 minutes. Besides rewarding you with RM17.61 (USD5.00) upon signing up, the company also giving out RM0.71 (USD0.20) for every personal profile that you updated. The minimum cashout threshold is RM80.00.

I have came across many online survey sites but never did register with one which literally give me $ in my account with them. Most will reward with points and later convert into cash when we meet the cashout threshold.
If you are interested in taking survey online, try Surveyhead! to earn some extra money online.

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