Thursday 3 September 2009

Pos Malaysia delivers moon cakes

Moon cake festival will be in a month time. Unlike previous years, I still can not see any moon cakes for sale in the shops this year. Is the economy really that bad??

I am glad that the company that I work for will not be selling any mooncakes this year. What a relief!! Or else we will be asked to sell mooncakes again...

We received a nice mooncake brochure which was sent to our office a couple of weeks ago. It says "Pos Malaysia delivers family bonding and friendships this mooncake festival". It is a very good and new idea that I came across. Having this service, sending mooncakes to someone near and far is so much convenient. There are four mooncake sellers to choose from, the brochure also include the different types of mooncakes and their prices from each seller. For more information, log on to


  1. Very good service from Pos M'sia!!

  2. I don't really trust POS Malaysia, not surprised if the 'contents' are all gone by the time the package reach your door. Sending checks for payment is a risky thing to do in M'sia but here in U.S. it's a common practice.

  3. Hav u tried the Tai Tong mooncakes? They look tempting with all the new exotic fruit flavours of western & eastern fusion..i saw them frm the Star tai Tong voucher gvaway contest frm The Star online...too bad they were out of vouchers to give away for discounts when u purchase.


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