Sunday 20 September 2009

A way to say "Thank You"

This year we celebrated Pearl's birthday in a small way, in such a small way that only involved her small little friends in school. With the help of my SIL, a nice purple cake was baked the night before, saved me the worries of baking it myself.
We did not send any invitation out to inform the students' parents for the celebration. We thought since the kids will be in school on that day, we will just send in a birthday cake and goodies bags to have a small party during their morning tea break.

By the time we arrived the school, the teachers have already got the table set up and put a little birthday hat on for our little Pearl, all ready for the party. We brought in Crystal to join in the party too...she has to excuse herself from her class for a little while, obviously Pearl is very happy to have us around for her birthday in the school.

Besides receiving birthday presents from her form teachers, we were very surprise to see Pearl received presents from her classmates, not just one but two presents. We did not expect it so since no invitations were sent out to the parents. Since we don't normally have the chance to meet the parents, sending thank you notes to them would be the best way to appreciate their thoughtfulness.

I would prefer to have personalized thank you cards and thank you notes to express how thankful we are to receive those gifts which have given a much brighter smile on Pearl's face on her birthday. Kids and adults alike love to receive gifts, don't we?

Nowadays it is very convenient to get a personalized thank you card through the web. There a many different types of cards to choose from. Just type in the thank you notes in the card you have chosen and print it out. We could make it more personalized by uploading a photo from our computer too, having our photo on the cards would cost us dearly if it is to be printed by the shop. We could get it at a very reasonable price from the net nowadays.


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