Friday 9 October 2009

Enjoy the Durians

Do you know what is the best way to enjoy eating durians? The kampung/village style, everyone gather around on the floor and open the durians one by one, it's fun to experience the different texture form each of the durians, I like the thick creamy with slight bitterly taste durian, and the smallest seed possible.
From an outstation trip to Sipitang yesterday, my brother bought several bundles of durians on his way home, each bundle consist of 3 - 4 durians, besides 2 of them have been conquered by the insects, we still have got more than enough to share. We ate until we could not take in any more durians into our stomach. My sister took some home and I frozen some for making cakes. So far I have got 3 containers of durian in my fridge. Hopefully I can make some durian cake tomorrow since it is weekend.

Cleaning up time


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