Friday 9 October 2009

Are you happy with your job?

Are you happy with your job? Glad that you do but I am not. The company that I work for has taken over 4 other food and bakery outlets in just 3 months, hoping that the outlets will turn around and make money with the change of management with the same owners.

Our workloads have since doubled. They have taken things for granted that it is perfectly ok with the additional workloads assigned to us without properly planning on the human resourcing and financing, with only 1 clerical added to the workforce , with a ratio of 1:1. We realise that they did not even put any consideration now that with all these added responsibilities, they still push us for deadlines and expect us to perform like before, don't they realise that the quality of work will drop when one is overloaded with work?

The worst thing is the boss could just call in speak very harshly if she did not get what she wanted, the working environment has becoming so tense and with very low morale. Like a number of times which I came home with very disturbing and disappointing evening after harsh words that I received from the other side of the phone, I can not stand anymore but ease out my frustrations in words.

They should be gladful that they are able to push over the workloads of 4 food and bakery outlets to us with no additional allowances given. I pray things will change to the better soon.


  1. I feel bad to hear that. Guess this happens in almost every office, either this or that. Hope you'll get over with it and things do turn for better. :)

  2. some planning is on the way, can't get myself too stressful.

  3. aiyor sorry to hear u r not happy with your job. Just be patient and things will get through. For me is the same too. My job scope is so wide and I am trying very hard to manage it. Hopefully I can go through all this la.


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