Monday 22 February 2010

Crystal's & Zachary's Birthday

Crystal and Zachary celebrate their birthday together on the 15th of February every year. We have been celebrating their birthdays at the pool side of Zach's condo for the past 2 years. This year, we changed the venue to our home to celebrate Chinese New Year and birthdays together, double merrier. It was a delightful occasion with home cooked food, my side of the families were able to join in the celebration. My mum and my sister helped us out in most of the cooking, thanks for their helps.

I baked a cake for Crystal. She loved the cake same goes to Pearl. The only request she asked for her birthday cake is it has to be pink with strawberry flavour one. Besides making the sponge cake pink, layered with strawberry jam, dressed with pink fresh cream, Clet thought would be a good idea to put some cut strawberries on top of the cake too.
a photo with their favourite uncle Sonny, or Grandpa to Zach


  1. I do love the cake you made for Crystal, you are getting more and more professional.

  2. Wow, you baked the cake? I was just thinking where you bought it until I read that you baked it! Good job, very nice!


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