Thursday 4 March 2010

Time to resign?

It is always the time of the year where staff are having the resigning spree after the Chinese New Year shopping spree :D.

The turnover of staff seems to be high after the Chinese New Year season because most of them are waiting for their bonus payout before resigning from their jobs. Most of us were very hopeful that the companies that we work for will distribute bonuses, one of them is me. However with much disappointment that I did not get any bonus but instead receiving a small sum of Angpow as appreciation. Well, it's still better than none, right?

Due to heavy workloads and others reasons, 2 of my colleagues resigned at the same time on the 1st of March, leaving me alone in the department soon. 1 of them has found another job while the other couldn't stand the work pressure anymore, hence decided to resign.

Hopefully our new colleagues will be able to start work as soon as possible to take over the workloads. If not me too will hand in the brown envelope to my boss as well!

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  1. I'm so sorry you didn't get the bonus you hoped for. Keeping positive thoughts for you that new colleagues help out soon.


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