Wednesday 24 March 2010

Benefits of sea salt

Do you know that there are differences between iodized salt, refined salt and sea salt? To me all the salt were the same not until I noticed the ingredient contained in one of the health cereal that I bought recently, it uses sea salt as flavoring, why use sea salt? I was wondering.... It therefore triggered my curiosity to search the web to find out more about the benefits of sea salt.

Surprisingly the natural sea salt are found to be up to 70% lower in sodium than other standard table salt. It is produced under tight patent restrictions to maintain its healthy minerals for our body needs, though it is low in sodium the taste is equally great.

Most of us are trying very hard to reduce our salt intake by having little or omitting salt in our food altogether, as a result we do not enjoy our food at all because our meals have lose their tastiness without the sufficient amount of salt.

Since we know what sea salt health benefits can do to our health, especially to those with high blood pressure, it would be wise to do something good for ourselves by consuming quality sea salt from now on and enjoy our meals without worries.


  1. i never knew this. thanks for the informative post. love to learn new stuff.

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  2. Sea salt is definitely a much better alternative to regular table salt.

  3. got to find sea salt for my next purchase :D


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