Monday 27 September 2010

Home cooked steamed dishes

I always opt for steamed food over fried food. A steamer in the kitchen come very handy, more so if you have got an electric steamer, and we were given one by my SIL. I always use it for steaming fish, vegetable, heating up food (instead of using microwave) .

Last night, I have got an idea of dumping everything in the steamer, cook and heat up everything at one go, save time and my energy. This was what I did,

Steam chicken on the top layer, warming of lamb curry in the middle decker, and steam organic cabbage on the bottom decker.
the raw chicken ready to be steamed
the steamed chicken, the soup is tasty
warmed up curry lamb
before steaming
steamed cabbage with dried shrimps


  1. Healthy meal...all steamed food. I also prefer
    steamed food rather than fried food.

  2. support and my wife looking for a steamer now...wanna steam food now and eat

  3. to be a bit health conscious..but not all the time lah


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