Monday 25 October 2010

Versatile Juicer / Juicer Extractor

After completing my 7 days Detox and Rejuvenation Program last week, the one thing that I miss so much from the program is drinking juices.

Lately, my juicer has become the most regularly used kitchen electrical appliance. Besides me craving for juices, one more reason why I make juices is for my girls, they dislike taking fruits, reject vegetable altogether in their meals. The only way to provide the nutrients that they missed out from fruits and vegetable is to feed them freshly extracted juices. Pearl will only go for cold sweet red apple juice, anything additional is a NO from her. While Crystal is more flexible, she doesn't mind having celery, carrot, tomatoes in her juices, so long as it is slightly cold and sweet.

Recently I tried juicing green papaya (half ripened). Both Clet and I like it, I am not ready to give it to the kids yet. The papaya juice not only taste nice but smell nice too. I was once told by the tuition teacher that there are a lot of health benefits by taking unripened papaya, best with the skin but I prefer to peel the skin off.

Fruits & veggie for juicing

A Korean made juicer. It has mincing function too. I am thinking of making soya milk with it one day.

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