Monday 18 October 2010

Badminton Session

Playing badminton used to be one of my exercise many years back. Two weeks ago, BIL asked us to join his family for a badminton session. Crystal and Pearl was very excited, not that they know how to play but it is definitely something new to them.

At the first session, Crystal got frustrated because she doesn't know how to play. Since she showed some interest and wanted to learn. BIL gave her a beginner/kids badminton racket (a short handle racket) to practice. So the Daddy becomes the coach at home.

With several practices at home and played at the real badminton court, Crystal managed to pick up some "skills", at least managed to serve and hit some.

Pearl is still too little, she find it difficult to learn the game, got very bored but she had an idea....
She entertained herself by using the badminton racket as guitar, signing her own songs or running around the court, it is well enough for her to sweat out.


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