Saturday 27 November 2010

Extraction of tooth on kid is a stressful thing

An update of my last post about bringing Pearl to the dentist to extract her molar tooth. I can tell you, it was a very stressful thing for us as parents and also Pearl. It was also heart breaking to see her struggling and refusing to let the dentist extract her tooth.

While trying to talk Pearl into letting the dentist pull her tooth, one of the nurse kept pursuing to ask me to sign on the card, I suppose is an indemnity kind of things, she said I have to sign it before they can perform the extraction. I was a bit annoyed at one point.

The decayed tooth was broken when the dentist trying to pull it out. It took much struggle to extract the roots after that because of Pearl's refusal.

After all that, the dentist office gave us a Post-Extraction Instructions to follow, that's what the do and don't to avoid post-extraction infection.

Read here to find out more on what's happening after the dentist office.

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  1. Hope Pearl is feeling better now!!
    Have a nice weekend ya!


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