Friday 13 April 2012

Instant noodles once in a while

I do not know the nutritional value for the instant noodle, if there is any at all.  People has been saying eating instant noodles do more harm than good.  My family's consumption of instant noodle has greatly reduced after reading an article pointing out how unhealthy it is to eat instant noodles.

After reading through the whole article, Crystal has refrained herself from taking instant noodles ever since ( I think it was more than 6 months ago).  Before that she is a big fan of instant noodles.  Now she would discourage her little sister, Pearl, not to eat instant noodles as well. 

I do keep a pack or 2 of my favourite Laksa Maggi mee in the cupboard, that would be my 4-5 months supply.  Just to get them ready in case we need a quick meal just like tonite, we had it as our supper for Clet and myself, we haven't had our proper dinner after bringing our girls to the park for a sweat out.  They had their Spaghetti Carbonara, milk shake and ice cream at the park's eatery.  I had Fish & Chips but the portion is too small for me to treat it as my dinner. And Clet cooked my Laksa Maggi mee, 

and I finished it all, just for once in a while.

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