Saturday 14 April 2012

The Millionaire Next Door

Not sure whether our next door neighbour is a millionaire or not, they do not seem to be one but we never know they could be a millionaire with their unrealised assets.

It is definitely our dream to become millionaire.  That' why this book "The Millionaire Next Door" by Thomas J, Stanley and William D. Danko, has become the phenomenal #1 bestselling book, more than 1 million copies sold! This book is to unveiled the surprising secrets of America's wealthy.  This is the book I am reading at the moment at a very slow pace; a few pages during my coffee enema time and private business moments.:)  

So far I learnt that the high income earners are not necessary wealthier than the lower income groups.  Budgeting, control spending and investment in assets/stocks are the main fundamental keys to achieving a millionaire dream.  I have only read 1/4 of this book still a lot to discover the secrets of become a millionaire...

This is the cover of the book:

A glimpse of its content page: 

The back cover of the "Millionaire Next Door"

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