Friday 22 June 2012

Mexican Cuisine at Mattitos

Most of the restaurants were crowded with people over the last weekend for the Father's Day celebration.  Many of you would agree with me that it was hard to find a cozy place to have a nice meal with our Father on this day because most of the restaurants have been fully booked well in advance and too crowded to have a comfortable meal..

I am the type of person who like to try varieties of food from the international cuisine.  We could easily cooked Chinese meals at home; Malay, Indonesian and Indian Food are in abundance here. There are many restaurants that serve Japanese, Korean, Thai, Philippines and Italian food in city. So far I have not come across any Mexican restaurant in town,  I have tried to google search but could not find any.  Some of the restaurants may serve bit and pieces of Mexican food but not the full-fledged and authentic Mexican cuisine. 

If you are in Texas area and prefer to have a nice Mexican meal at a cosy restaurant, I would recommend you to try the Mattitos.  At Mattitos, they serve one of its kind Mexican cuisine with very reasonable price.  They have got 5 restaurant outlets in Texas alone, one of them is the Mexican Food Frisco.

At Mattitos, meals are served throughout the day till dinner. I particularly like the idea of them providing kid's menu come with a reduced price.  Buffet is served for Sundry Brunch, the award winning Sunday brunch that no one could resist to have a try.  It is only $16.99 for adult and $6.99 for children under the age of 12.  The price is reasonably cheap.

Besides eating in, they also offer outside catering for all types of events, and hold special banquet for private functions like wedding receptions, corporation events, birthday parties.  So if you want to have the feel of the Mexican tradition way of celebration, it has to be at Mattitos.

Mattitos at Frisco, Texas

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