Tuesday 22 May 2012

My Little poet

Exam is over.  Lessons has slow down a lot in school, teachers are busy marking and compiling the results.  1st semester is almost come to an end in a few days time.  My girls are bringing back a new batch of text books and work books from school.

Having a free time during her computer class lesson yesterday,  Crystal lets her inspiration flow and became a little poet, sketches of drawings and poems for Pearl, Mummy and Daddy.  She showed her works to me last night, instead of giving her complements, I questioned her instead. Questioning her where did she copy the poems from.   Because the poems are too nice for me to believe that they were written by her at this age.  Her poems go like this:

[To Pearl]
When I am down,
and maybe frown,
You always help me before dawn,
You have the crown,
The crown of love,
and may the Holy Spirit come to you as a dove.

[To Mummy]
You really love to cook,
Take your apron from the hook,
You know how to read cook book,
But I only know how to read a story book.

[To Daddy]
Please do not give up,
I'll help you fill your cup,
With the help of a job,
we can finally not mob.  
{not mob??  what does it mean?? She said she was trying to figure out the last sentence, but couldn't make any sense out of it, hahahaa...]

I especially like the one for Pearl,  it shows how appreciative she is towards her little sister,  when she is down Pearl is always there to cheer her up,  it shows the closeness between the two of them.  How sweet!! Keep up the good work my little Poet!!


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  1. She is good, Agnes. My boy too, likes to write short stories but never a poem and so well structured.


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