Monday 14 May 2012

The Nutrition Benefits of EGGS

My girls always ask for Scrambled eggs as one of the dishes in their meals, they will eat more rice and finish their meals faster if there is scrambled eggs.  I was worry at one point I tried to skip cooking eggs even they asked for it.  I told them that we can not eat eggs everyday, too much eggs would not be good for health, I remember ready an articles about it.

Today, I checked on one of my emails, I received this so called the nutrition facts about eggs :

Malaysia's top nutritionist on eggs, Very Important, EGG is good for cancer too. Dr JB Lim is the current TOP Nutritionist in Malaysia .

Dear all, Thank you for asking me. Sometime back someone asked me the same question about eggs and its effect on health. I have already written and replied to him or her in a lengthy article supporting the nutritive and health benefits of eggs. I also gave scientific updates on more recent findings some of which are correctly given here as sent to me. However the author of the article need to give at least some references of papers published in scientific journals to support the claims even though they are right. But to super-summarize what I wrote last time in just 13 lines without me having to go all over again explaining the complexities of physiology, biochemistry, nutritional pathogenesis related to eggs and waste time and effort again, below are the yes points about eggs in human nutrition. But I have to leave out some minor no points since the positive benefits far outweigh its negative values.

1. Eggs and milk are among the best foods for the body especially to a growing child.

2. Eggs do not cause an elevation of blood cholesterol

3. Eggs do not clog up the coronary vessels as once thought. In fact the opposite is now true

4. Eggs are low in energy value, and is a factor to consider in the formulation of a caloric-restriction diet 

5. Eggs protein quality is extremely high, and has a very high nitrogen-retention value. Hence it is extremely useful in post-surgical care, trauma, and in post-management of hypovolemic shock against negative nitrogen balance

6. Eggs contain vitamin D in its natural form. The benefits of vitamin D require several chapters on human nutrition in medicine to discuss. And I refuse to repeat

7. Eggs are cancer-protective, especially for breast cancer

8. Eggs are very rich in sulfur-containing amino acids methionine which is a very crucial amino-acid in blocking damaging free radicals. These are directly linked to the pathogenesis of heart disease, cancers, DNA damage, all degenerative disorders, and accelerated aging.

9. Eggs protect against fatty liver, slow growth, macular degeneration (degeneration of the macula area of the retina in the eyes. This is responsible for central vision for reading, face recognition and detailed vision), edema (water retention), and various skin lesions

10. Eggs promote healthy growth of nails, hair and skin

11. Eggs are rich in tryphophan, selenium, iodine, and riboflavin (vitamin B2)

12. Eggs selenium content is cardio-protective against Keshan disease, cardiomyopathies (diseases involving the heart muscles, cardiomegaly (enlarged heart), myocardial dysfunction (poor heart function) and death from heart failure.

13. Eggs are protective against Kashin-Beck disease (osteoarthropathy), myxedematous endemic cretinism (mental retardation)

14. The list goes on…on! Regards, and ask me no more on eggs. I have lots of other questions awaiting answers.

jb lim 4:35 a.m. 24 August, 2010

This is one of those articles that may make one go to extreme and consume too much. Remember -- anything that is consumed too much is bad for your health. Do everything in moderation.


  1. Hey, we are an 'egg' family too. I always know I can't go wrong with egg dishes during meal time. I think for a growing kid, 2 eggs a day should be alright.

  2. This is a exciting source of knowledge, Im glad I read this article. I am going to be back again soon to see more that you have.

  3. Recent research has been lately showing how the trans fat in egg is refined by most individuals systems in a way that doesn’t produce heart disease and that health trans fat does not always change to raised blood trans fat or even an undesirable rate of Hdl to LDL trans fat.


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