Sunday 6 May 2012

A trip to Desa Cattle Farm at Kundasang

During the school holiday in December last year, we made a day trip to Desa Cattle Farm in Kundasang.  The last time I went there was in my high school year, it was a school outing. As far as I can remember the place has not changed much in the last 20 over years except having a bigger building now. 

On a uphill not far from Tamparuli town, we stopped by an orchid farm. The orchids are well grown, looking at those orchids, I can't believe they are all real, just too perfectly grown to my eyes.  The price are very reasonable too, but I did not buy any because I don't think I have got the time to care for it.  

We have taken a lot of photos so let the photos do the talking.

 the owner of the orchid farm serving tea 

 entrance fees needed to enter to Desa Cattle farm, this is the little pondok collecting entrance fee
 It was a public holiday, the farm was very crowded with people and traffic was congested 
 The milking area

 The milking cows look skinny

 Fresh cow's milk for sale.  Exactly what we get from the supermarket, there are only two flavours, plain & chocolate
 we bought 2 cartons
 souvenirs are sold here 
 the road leading to the farm from the pondok entrance
 the place is cool and refreshing

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