Wednesday 13 February 2013

At Secret Recipe

Secret Recipe is not a dining place we normally go, it just happened that we dropped by City Mall shopping complex to have a look at the crowd during the Chinese New Year season on last Saturday. 

Most of us agreed that the cakes at Secret Recipe are somewhat delicious because of its secret recipe ^.^  We had tried their durian cheese cake, it is very yummy.

We tried this RM16.9++ set meal.

Having young kids, we always tried to order kids friendly food, that's *non spicy food*.  But the spaghetti came out to be spicy, we even double confirmed with the waiter that it is not hot before we ordered. We can clearly see the dried chili on the spaghetti.

Slice of carrot brownies with the set meal

The chocolate mud cake was Crystal's choice.  The sweetness is just right.  We recommended the children's mini burgers set for Pearl, the presentation is cute for kids, mini burgers with alphabet fries. We shared the set as Pearl couldn't finish it. 

Pearl ordered this kid burger set.  The presentation is not bad. 


  1. Oh no! I really don't like it when waiters get it wrong. Spicy food is no good for kids. The thing I find they get wrong the most is calamari, I only eat it grilled not fried in batter. So many times I've been tempted to send it back when it comes out in batter.

  2. I don't really fancy about SR's food, but I do love their cakes!!

  3. You could actually return the spaghetti since the waiter gave u wrong info. I'd have done it. Here's wishing you a very happy CNY!


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