Tuesday 11 November 2014

3 in 1 Green Tea Latte

I spotted this 3 in 1 Green Tea Latte when I tapau my breakfast this morning.  The coffee shop is selling RM2.00 for a packet.  This instant drink is new to me.  Anyone has tried it before?

I am trying to avoid drinking 3 in 1 instant drink but allowing myself to try this new thing. 

Upon opening up the packet, there is an aroma of green tea.  The tea is thick and nice.  Green tea lovers would definitely like it.  

I checked on the ingredients right after coming out from the shop, there is hydrogenated ingredients in it like many other food and drinks.  My lunch for today is Green Tea Latte and a few slices of plain cracker biscuits.  

*Disclaimer : The above is purely my own opinions, no intention to offend any parties.   

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