Wednesday 29 April 2015

And...Decision has been made

Business has been bad for the past one is obviously not getting any better after the implementation of GST.

After much discussions and considerations, decision has been reached and that we are closing down our 2 years 5 months business for good.  We did not make the decision alone but with the guide and grace from above.  Feeling a bit sad but with much relieve.

Since we do not have to get ready stuff for sale at the shop at night like we used to, I am able to do the things I have neglected all along.  The top priority is to spend time with my little daughter on her homework and revision each night.  We have set a target for her to meet under this special tuition.

I am also recollecting my concentration on my work after my shop is officially closed..and I hope to get back to blogging and visit my blogger friends more often.


  1. I am sure it is a blessing in disguise. All the best.

  2. Decision has been made and from now on it can only be better. You daughter will be glad she has more of your time now :)


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