Friday 8 January 2016

Edmark products - Coffee Tea Splina

We are blessed with a thoughtful friend who gave us these lots coffee and tea.  She is a distributor of Edmark products whom has been in business for 4 years now and she finds the products are beneficial to her and to many.

she gave us a whole pack of Red Yeast Coffee and Red Bubble Tea with Red Yeast Rice each.  Red Yeast is good to lower bad cholesterol and she still remembers I have told her many years ago that my cholesterol level is on the high side.
she also gave us a few sachets of Coffee with Lingzhi too.
and my better half bought this bottle of Splina to try.  He has been preparing this green drink for us and place a big bottle of it in the freeze, members in my family like their beverage icy cold especially with the hot weather these days.


  1. So good! I also prefer low cholesterol food. I was quite strict to lower my cholesterol level, and for now it is succeeding!

  2. Hope the red yeast works for the cholesterol. :)


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