Wednesday 12 April 2017

The verdict on my Fig fruit variety - Barnisotte

Probably we have got a high expectation on a variety that many have given good comments about.  So far, fig variety Barnisotte has been a disappointment to us, for its fruit is dull and near tasteless for the one that we have tasted last night.
It was probably due to the first fruiting for this tree, many had said that the quality of the first batch of fruits tend to be less satisfying.  I really hope so.  There are some more Barnisotte fig on the tree waiting to be ripen.  This time we will have to patiently wait till the figs are fully ripen hope they will not be over ripen and turn bad.   


  1. it's so ecxciting to wait for it to ripe. That day one of mine ripe. very sweet though it's 1st fruit

  2. I tasted some really delicious at an Australian event some time back & I love it! xoxo


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