Saturday 9 September 2017

台湾古早蛋糕 Taiwan Original Cake

I told my better half that there is a super soft Taiwanese cake selling like hot cake in Damai, really is hot cake this time. I told him that my colleague has to queue for about 30 minutes to buy the cakes, and the lady who queued after her lost her tamper because my colleague bought 10 pieces of the cake and left none for her, she has to wait for another 20 minutes to get this famous Taiwanese original cake, she burst and scolded the shop helpers. With curiosity, he went the next day afternoon and bought a piece for us to try.

Everyone who tasted it has to agree that this cake is super soft even after keeping in the fridge for 2 days.

Honestly, there is nothing extra ordinary about this cake, what makes this cake so special is the consistency of maintaining its super soft and moist texture.  I have been dreaming to be able to bake this kind of cake myself, looks like the easiest way is to buy from the shop. 

The original flavour is sold at RM14.00 per piece in a box, much more expensive than West Malaysia.


  1. That really look super soft. Freshly baked sponge cakes are soft. But still soft after in the fridge for 2days? That is amazing!!!

  2. Everyone is talking about this hot cake! Haha. I tasted mine not so long ago. Not so nice. It was soft but rather bland.

  3. It's selling like hot cakes in SG too, dear! xoxo

  4. Never heard of this super soft Taiwanese cake in KL. What's the name? Let me on the lookout. I love fluffy and super soft cakes too!

  5. I bought original cake from City Square in JB recently and it was not so nice, not soft and not sweet. Nothing to shout about. But I think yours sounds better.

  6. Merry Christmas!
    Looks soft, sweet and delicious!
    It has been o long since I visited you. I hope 2018 brings you all a lot of happiness,Agnes.

  7. I love to eat these cakes too which is slowing losing their craze now in KL. If my mum is still alive, she would love to bake me soft cakes too. She told me that it was easy, just add water! Ha ha!


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