Monday 21 February 2022

8-Wave Ultrasonic Pest Rat Mouse Mosquito Repeller

It's annoying and bothering us especially during night time when the rats running and partying away on our ceiling.  We even had an idea of putting our cat to the ceiling to chase them away.  Of course we didn't.

We decided to try the 8-Wave Ultrasonic Pest Rat Mouse Mosquito Repeller.  It claims to be able to chase away the rats and other insects with the sound wave within the radius of 80 to 120 square meters. The sound doesn't have effect on the dogs and our cats.  That's perfectly fine to our dog, Skit and our cat, Happy.

We bought a total of 10 units of this repeller from online.  2 units were ordered for our immediate neighbour who had the same problem with the rats.  We kept 4 repellers on alternately during day and night to cover our house areas to test its effectiveness.

We had some peaceful nights having the repellers on continuously.  The rats came visiting again after a few weeks but in lesser numbers, it was not as noisy as before.  The rats did not totally stop coming though.  

Since I am a bit worry about the long hours of having the gadgets on, they might get over heated and create problem, we do not on the repellers for many months now.  The rats still running around some times but in a tolerable level. 

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