Sunday 5 October 2008

Not Well Again

My Baby Pearl is not feeling well again. She has not been well recently. She always down to flu, cough, fever, recovered a little and come back again. She is having a very bad cough these few days, last night was the worst; she vomitted after having her milk due to consistent bad coughs. She felt very uncomfortable at 5am this morning and we noticed that she is down to fever. We have been trying to feed her supplements to boost up her immune systems but she refuses them all the time, however, she is very willing to take the spirulina tablets and even asks for more, I always have to control her consumptions to only 2-3 tablets a day.
She complaint of tummy ache and vomitted again luckily we have Crystal's previous medicine for emergency use. At the moment, only Barney can keep her entertained and she sings along too when she feels a little ok.

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