Sunday 5 October 2008

Pearl is doing Fine

Pearl is feeling much better after a long afternoon sleep. She woke up with cheerful mood and greeting the daddy at the kitchen after coming out from the bedroom. Her fever has gone and coughs accasionally. GOD must have listened to our prayers, thank GOD for taking care of our little Pearl.

Pearl was having bread with cheese and Crystal was enjoying a spoonful of cheese with their eyes on the TV, where Barney was on. Snacking before dinner.
As playful and adventurous as her usual self, she discovered a bottle of glue in the cabinet and insisted me to open the cap up for her. She gave me a nice smile after getting what she wanted.
They were having late dinner at around 9pm.. Pearl had rice with sauces and Crystal wanted Bread and cheese with strawberry milk drink. Pearl wanted some strawberry milk drink too after that.

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