Saturday 21 March 2009

Fast Cash

Jonathan, a colleague of mine has been late to work for many days now. He said his car has broken down while sending the children to school last Monday. Now, he has to get a public transport to work, from the area he lives, he has to get two buses in order to reach the place of work. He missed the connecting bus almost every morning, blame it to the inconsistency of the buses time schedules. He had a real bad luck lately, after experiencing a hit and run of his car bumper a week earlier, and his car broke down a week later. He is very down and out now as he has not got enough money to get the car fix. He has tried to apply for salary advances but was rejected by the company for reason being that he has taken once too many salary advances in the past months. One of my other colleague, Sean, found out the PayDay Loan while he was doing some research work on the net which he thinks would help Jonathan out from this situation. Without much hesitation, Jonathan sent in his application and got the approval without much problem since he meets the loan application’s requirements. He got the money credited to his bank account the next day and got his car repaired. “What a relief, I wouldn’t be able to do it without the PayDay Loan” he said.

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