Sunday 8 March 2009

Weekend Dessert

Only during weekends (best with a holiday Monday) that I have got the mood and time to cook something extra for my family. Today I boiled a big pot of Green Bean soup and share half of it with my neighbour, that's my parents and brother's family.

Pearl likes the soup very much but not Crystal. Green Beans are known to have a good cooling effect to our bodies and have other health benefits too. The Green Beans soup is very simple to make and faster to boil than the red beans. Here's what I mixed in the soup:

1. Green Beans;
2. a handful of rice;
3. rock sugar to taste;
4. a handful of sago;
5. 3-5 pieces of "honey dates"

Actually I wanted to mix some dried tangerine peel/skin but it's nowhere to be found in the fridge, it's just no there any more wonder where has it gone to???

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