Friday 27 March 2009

Water Filters

Everyone knows that the water supply straight from the tap nowadays consist of many carcinogenic agents which are no visible to our own eyes. Therefore, it is an essential for every household to have at least one unit of water filter. There are many types of water filtering systems in the market today to cater for different needs. I have been wanting to get a new unit of water filter for our new home to replace the old unit which I find it is highly insufficient for our needs now. Basically what we need is a water filter system that could provide us with a clean safe water for drinking, cooking, and for showering. I would prefer the type of water filters that can get rid of pesticides, flouride, bacteria, lead and other dangerous contaminants present in the water but without removing the essential minerals like potassium and magnesium, as long term consumption of de-mineralized water is known to be detrimental to our health. In order to have clean safe water for our consumption, it would be best to install an under sink water filter in the kitchen. It does a good job without anyone seeing it because it is install under the sink! Factors that we are considering when buying a new set of water filter are the pricing, quality as to whether it has been certificated by the authority and also the maintenance of the filtering system. It is advisable to read the specifications or features before buying in order to get the right water filter for our needs.

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