Saturday 16 May 2009

Mango season is here..

The mango season is here again. We have got such a privilege to have a mango tree at my house backyard. I can hear the ripe mangoes start falling down on the ground anytime of the day. It is exciting to check how many mango I can picked up in the morning. I grew up with two mango trees at the backyard of my parents' house, I could not explain why I still get excited in finding magoes on the ground!!! I remember my brother used to bring one bag after another of mangoes to us before the house was sold.

This mango tree does not bear big mango fruits but it sure can supply us mangoes without having us to buy from the market during this fruiting season. My mum can not resist to have a taste of the mango that she asked the maid to get some mango off the tree to make marinated mango with belacan. Very appetising....will show a picture of marinated mango with belacan soon. I have given my mum some mangoes again this morning for her to marinate.


  1. Sounds good. Miss the goodness of the taste. Can't find one like home here in New York.

  2. I guess you could get those bigger ones imported from the Philippines. Those are good too, could be a bit pricey lah.


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