Saturday 18 July 2009

Clet's Birthday

13th July was Clet's birthday.  I always attempt to bake a cake for him on his birthday.  This year to avoid further failure in my baking, I bought a ready packed strawberry cake mix, only need to add in oil, eggs and water.  I baked the cake on Sunday, one day ahead, knowing that I wouldn't be able to do so on a working Monday.  Crystal and Pearl are always more than helpful to do the mixing and eagerly waited to decorate the cake after it is baked too. After writing the wordings on the cake, I let Crystal decorate the cake while Pearl looked on.  Look at the cake, I am a terrible baker.  :(
Finally ready to sing the birthday song

On his birthday itself, we had a buffet dinner at Promenade Hotel.  Surprisingly, we filled up our stomach fairly quickly with the main course, we hardly touched the dessert counters though the little pieces of cakes were very tempting.  Crystal and Pearl love the ice cream with pieces of cheese while I opted for Jellies and  ice cream.
Bits and pieces of everything from the buffet counter 


  1. It's the thought that counts, Agnes. You could see how happy were the girls and the 'birthday boy'. Crystal did a good job in doing the wordings on the cake, very neat.

  2. I did the wordings but she did the rest of the piping on the side, she like it, Pearl wanted too but she couldn't handle it so she just stood at the side lo.

  3. it makes my tummy growling looking all the delicious food and desserts this early morning..yum yum


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