Friday 3 July 2009

Versatile Juicer & Food Processor

I always wanted to own a unit of Alpha DA-900 juicer & food processor for my kitchen. I finally bought it this month, thanks to the company that I work for offers easy payment scheme for staff.

It comes with a VCD which I showed it the night I got the juicer. After watching the VCD, my daughters begging me to buy it, I did not tell them that it is already in the kitchen. They were thrilled when they saw the machine can actually make noodles, slicing potatos, and make juices, to them it would be a good toy to play.

This Korean made juicer is more than an ordinary juicer that I used to have. It is more than 9 machine in 1!

1. Fruit & Vegetable Juice Extractor;
2. Wheatgrass/Leafy Green Juice Extractor;
3. Soya Bean, Almond & other Nut Milk Extractor;
4. Mincer;
5. Grinder;
6. Pasta Maker;
7. Food Mill;
8. Grain Mill; and
9. Ice shaver/Vetable Slicer.

It is also the first juice extractor equipped with a "Mill-type Bio Auger" gear, which functions exactly like a stonemill. It preserves the oringinal flavour, nutrients and living enzymes found in fruits and vegetables. It is just what we need for my DRP "Detox & Rejuvenation Programme" that I will be taking tomorrow for 7 days.

There is no sharp blade in this juicer so I let my daughters took charge of the juicing which they enjoyed very much. They are also eager to try the juices that they extracted, easier to get them to drink juices now.
Taking the juicer components out from the box
Fruits for juicing
The juicer components/parts
Pearl waiting to jump start the juicer
Juicing in progress
enjoying the grapes juice


  1. Wow, I want to have this juicer too! HOw much is it? And is it a big hassle to wash the juicer after use coz it looks like there are SOOOO many parts!!

  2. I bought this juicer from Newlife International, they have got a branch in Petaling Jaya SS2/24. It's about RM1500.00.

    It's consider very easy to wash, just take off the orange and the black part for washing after used, and also the strainer and containers also need to be used too.


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