Thursday 16 July 2009

Hit by Food Poisoning

I had a very bad food poisoning experience on Tuesday night till 3am on wednesday morning. A similar experience that I had during my previous two morning sickness. It was so bad that I was too weak to get out of bed after 3 times forceful vomitting and 2 times diahhrea early in the morning while everyone was soundly asleep. Concidently it was Clet's auction session in the morning that he couldn't bring me to the clinic. I lied on the bed for the whole morning only went to the clinic about 2 pm and waited for the doctor to come in at 3pm, luckily I was the first one in line.
Too scare to vomit again I only took some sago soup (believe to be able to stop the diahhrea) and little bit of porridge that Clet bought for me before going to the clinic, it was my favourtie fish porridge but yesterday I felt like vomitting with its smell.

Everyone said it was the cause of the detox programme that I took the week before. Well could be partly. I was to be blamed as well cos after the 7 strict diet detox days, I was back to my old self again that used to whacked the nice food in front of me like no tomorrow. It started with a buffet dinner for Clet's birthday on Monday and followed by another dinner treat by SIL on Tuesday that my cleansed colon could not take it anymore.

I am back to work today with slight headache and still with vomiting feeling. Have had half bowl of hot meehoon soup in the morning and one apple for lunch. Called my mum to boil soup tonite cos I am still not well to cook dinner for my family.


  1. hope you're feeling ok, take care

  2. Get well soon. I will probably don't mind to have that(diarrhea, vomiting) so I could lose some weight. hehe. For you, you look just fine, no need to lose weight.

  3. Hope you feel better soon, I hate food poisoning. I don't think it has anything to do with detox, although I've heard of people going east and then coming back and getting sick after eating at McDonald's because their body can't take it.

  4. Carolyn, I am fully recovered now. Just had a great birthday dinner at China Garden Putera. hehehe...

    Susan, I do not recommend having to go thru this way to slim down, very torturing o...but my tummy flat after that..

    Angela, I was told that this could be the aftermath healing reactions, I should have taken my eating pattern on a slow pace for a start.

  5. I'm sure your body inside is now clean and pretty much fully detoxed after the bout of vomitting sessions... and you've lost a few pounds too, right? :)

  6. Believe o not, I lost more weight in a day of food poisoning than 7 days detox. I called it "intensive detoxification" hahaha...


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