Tuesday 21 December 2010

Finding Free Online Learning Games with Educational Value

All a parent has to do is conduct a simple Internet search for children’s educational activities and they will discover that numerous free online learning games

Essentially, in order to recognize the educational value of free online learning games, you need to figure out what benefits each individual activity will offer your child. How can you make this discovery? The following are three tips you may find useful:

  • A website that offers valuable learning activities will indicate the types of skills that are improved by the game (i.e. reading, visualization, counting, comprehension, memory, verbal rehearsal, attention and focus, problem solving, etc.)
  • Look for games that have more than one level or stage. Children have different skill levels and in order for a game to be more than just entertaining it needs to provide kids with a manageable challenge. Kids need to think in order to boost their brain power.
  • Choose interactive games. A game that is interactive is exciting for a child to play because it makes them an integral part of the experience as it is dependent on the choices they make and the actions they take. These types of activities automatically help to improve a child’s hand-eye coordination skills and thought processing.

In essence, make sure the free online learning games you pick are quality educational tools. This can be found out with a little investigating.

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