Tuesday 7 December 2010

When Parent is ill

All of us in the family are taking turns popping in and out of the hospital since last Friday. My dad has been admitted to the hospital again after complaining of diarrhea and felt weak, scare of any eventuality, we decided that sending him to the hospital is the best choice, though my dad refuses to do so.

We hope my dad will be discharged after a day or two of observations but now into the 6th day there is still no indication of letting him out from the hospital. He has started to feel very uncomfortable, impatient and gets annoyed easily because of staying too many days in the hospital. No places are more like at home.

I noticed that many of the sickly old folks are taken care by the hired maid in the hospital now. The family members will only come visit whenever convenient due to work and family commitment. These maids are very eager to take care of a few of the sick people at the same time, basically they stay, eat, bathe and sleep in the hospital. We were approached by a couple of them who wanted to offer their service to take care of my dad, and their charges is RM70.00 a day (24 hours) which is pretty high. The nurses also encourage us to hire the maid so that their work will be lessen or no care needed from them because the hired maid will do most of the stuff for the patient. The nurses will only come round to take blood pressure reading, blood sugar test that kind of routine. A lot of cares are being neglected by the nurses.

I am surprise to know that some nurses do not even know what treatment the patient is going through at this point in time. For example, they just leave the pills on the side table asking my father to take his medicine after breakfast without knowing that his left side body is paralyzed, the pills on the right side table is beyond his reach.

Just hope that my dad will be discharged by tomorrow. We know that he misses his grand children at home very much and they miss their grandpa too..


  1. Speedy recovery to your father! Sometimes we just have to be patient with elderly...

  2. I heard from my siblings that maids for hire at the hospitals are pretty common in Sabah but here in KL, it was almost unknown. I had tried looking for this service when my mom was hospitalised for operation and thereafter in and out of the hospital due to chemo side effects but no luck. I was so drained out during those crucial times as all my siblings were back in Sabah.

    Hope your father recovers soon and all the best to him.


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