Thursday 27 September 2012

Jelly Moon Cakes from a friend

Our girls are so happy to receive this box of Jelly Moon Cakes from Aunty Cindy, one of the parents we got to know from the school.  

They kept these Jelly Moon Cakes in the fridge untouched till I got home from work in the evening because they wanted to give me a surprise.

It's a pleasant surprise.  We are very pleased, a big thank you to cindy.  Though jelly moon cakes are much easier to make as compare to the traditional ones, I can see a lot of time and efforts have been put into making these 4 types of jelly moon cakes: 

Dragon fruit, with real fruit in the centre

Coconut milk

this one taste like barley

Orange flavour

ready to attack 

The jelly texture is just nice, and cool from the fridge. We ate all the 4 moon cakes leaving the empty containers.   

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