Tuesday 18 September 2012

My New Domestic Helper

My new domestic helper is much smaller and not as noisy as the previous one..I am talking about my new Samsung vacuum cleaner here, not the human helper one would thought, ^.^

Our old Singer Vacuum cleaner of more than 10 years finally called it a quit.  It produced a burning smell when I used it about 2 months ago, I was so scare it would burn and explode, so I prefer to stop using it rather than hurting myself.  We redeemed it from Cosway after collecting enough coupons by selling boxes and boxes of moon cakes then.  It did a good job like any other vacuum cleaner but surprisingly our new Samsung vacuum cleaner though smaller in size has better suction powder in comparison, the new Samsung vacuum cleaner is lighter and more portable for me to carry up and down the stairs.

The new Samsung Vaccum cleaner, the last in stock.   The price is relatively reasonable.  A newer model is already out in the shop to replace this one but we do not mind the older model.

 Our old Singer Vacuum cleaner, I always have the problem in keeping the wire in place.  It uses the washable dust bag, I am really glad that Clet was the one who help to clean the dust bag all along. 
 the old and the new
 it is a bagged type, collecting all the dust into the bag convenient to dispose off when it is full. No more washing of dust bag.
very basic with only 3 types of suction nozzles, it's good enough for me.  Just hope that it will lasts.


  1. wah..your old Singer vacumn cleaner is so huge. I'm sure you must have built some muscles over the 10 years using it. :)

  2. Ok Agnes, hope you've made a right choice.. =)


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