Tuesday 27 November 2012

Choice of budget hotels

It’s the time of the year many of us are planning for vacation or short holiday either to overseas or within Malaysia. 

After about a year of hard work and stress of coping with study for our children, going for a holiday would be the best way to relax our mind and for our children to see new things outside their text books. 

We had a short trip to Kuala Lumpur and Genting last month, we are planning for a trip in December. After our trip to KL, our kids were not very pleased with the time we have to spent on waiting to board and the flying time on the air craft, even so, they are still all excited about our next trip, they are very particular on the choice of our hotel room, they truly want to have a comfortable place to have an enjoyable stay, knowing that they will have to follow mummy and daddy to shop around, their little legs are going to be tired at the end of the day.

Travelling with kids is not easy. They get bored and tired easily especially when we go to a place where nothing of their interests. To overcome this kind of stressfulness, we actually booked our hotel room even before we bought our air tickets just to ensure that our stay is nearby to where we want to shop, work and have aplenty of eating places to choose from. 

In order to watch our budget for our second trip, we search through JB budget hotels where we could have more rooms to choose from for the locations we wanted for our stay. The strategic location of the hotel would help to save a lot on transportation costs. 

Before making a booking, you may want to look out for certain facilities provided in the room, like internet service, air-con, washing machine, and also the distance to the nearest KTM/LRT. While checking through their website, I noticed that there are rooms that suitable for single, double and triple occupancies with reasonable charges. For us, we go for the family room for a more comfortable stay.


  1. Having kids, there are few things to consider when it comes to accommodation. :) Very informative post, Agnes!


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