Saturday 10 November 2012

Our Trip to Kuala Lumpur & Genting Resort Part 1

Have been busy since the day we came back from our short vacation of 4 days 3 nights to Genting and KL.  We were back to KK on Tuesday afternoon, I dozed off not long after that due to tiredness.  Travelling is fun but tiring especially on a short trip like this.

Crystal has been asking me to update my blog on our trip and I had promised her that I will do so.  Here I started off with our flight to KL on Air Asia which we booked 3 months ago.

As they couldn't wait to get to the airport early, we have got ample time before boarding.  They got bored and have to kill the time with some drawings at the airport's cafe, 
while other kids just play with their ipads
we tried nasi lemak, pancake and chicken rice on board the plane

The food are tasty

Both our girls have been counting down on days towards the day on our trip to KL because that is the first time they travel on an aeroplane and to outside of Sabah.  They were extremely excited before the trip but now they are not so keen on travelling on a plane, because the waiting and walking taking too much of our travelling time, they get bored and tired with that.  

"There is nothing much to see except white clouds unlike travelling on a car where we can see greenery", as commented by Crystal.  That is very true.  Hubby already planning to drive to Sandakan for its seafood this school holiday.


  1. Seems like fun! I've yet to go on Air Asia :)

  2. This is the first time I ride on Air Asia, not bad!


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