Monday 19 August 2013

Breakfast at Old Town White Coffee

On a Saturday before I started my Detox programme, we had breakfast a the Old Town White Coffee for the first time with our girls.  The menus are pretty children friendly, the choices are suitable for children.

 Pearl's choice of noodle soup, she chose this because of the ham but she got disappointed with it, it taste more like luncheon meat than ham.  
 Clet's nasi lemak, normal portion with sides

I am happy to find this Penang laksa.  I can finish 2 bowls of this.  They served this with canned pineapple, I would prefer the fresh ones, canned pineapple is too sweet.

 Normal serving American breakfast for Crystal

Dinning at Old Town White Coffee is not complete without a cup of it's famous coffee..I shared this with Clet..very tasty and thick coffee.

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