Tuesday 28 January 2014

Brand's InnerShine Berry Essence

Have anyone tried this Brand's InnerShine Berry Essence?

At first I thought it is for beauty, later then I found out it is good for the eyes, just what I needed.  
I have very bad eye sight since I was young, probably because I read too much under poor lighting condition when I was little, not that I managed to score good marks but bad enough to spoil my eye sight.  

My eye sight from bad to worst due to ageing.  The thickness of my spectacle tells it all.

Hopefully Brand's InnerShine can help to restore my eye sight a little, I can't expect miracle, as you know, I will need to consume a considerable amount of the berry essence to see the effect.

I tasted a bottle last night.  It is indeed a bottle packed of thick berries mixture, pretty sweet with slight sour taste. I like it and gave a spoonful each to my daughters to taste as well,  they showed me sour faces probably because they dislike the sour taste..:D


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