Thursday 10 April 2014

Interest in Reading

I read quite a bit during my first pregnancy, I have lesser time to do any reading during my 2nd pregnancy because during that time I have to take care of my 1st baby and also housework at the same time.  Probably because of the time that I spent reading during my 1st pregnancy, my eldest turns out to be more a book worm than her younger sister.

Bookstore is the most frequent place that we go to whenever we go to shopping mall.  Last weekend, we ended up a Times book store after our dinner.  I usually spend my time glancing through at the cookery girls would sure pick one or two of the books that they eyes turned big and round when I saw the books that my eldest chose to buy..I asked her whether she is sure that she wants to read these books..She said Yes, saying that she has been reading this collection of books and this is the last one to complete her collection.  I did not know because sometimes the daddy is the one who brings them to the book store while I am at work.
 cook books section
 I bought these 2 cook books hoping that I will have the time to cook or bake
 Just look at the thickness of the books that my eldest bought.  I couldn't even finish reading an English literature book during my secondary school time.
 this is the cover of the thick book
 this is another one..just by looking at the cover will scare me of.  I just could not understand which side of the reading habit that my girl inherit from..could be from me...
my younger daughter chose this comic book with pretty cartoon characters, I used to read cartoon books like this but in Chinese during school days.

I kept hide their new books for 4 days until the exam is over.  They can only get to read their books yesterday. But I am still not happy that they did not choose any Chinese books despite being reminded times and times again.


  1. Good selection of books, I am sure my eldest will love those books too! I reward my girls with books -- for every 90% and above that they score in their test papers, they get a book ;)

    1. I noticed that Alycia likes to read books is a good encouragement for them to score high marks, it is not easy to score 90% in Primary 5.

  2. Reading is indeed a very good habit!

    1. Yes it is a very good habit in reading..nowadays most of the kids would stick to the computer than to a physical book..

  3. I like to read children's books, especially Enid Blyton.

  4. I like to read children's books, especially Enid Blyton's books.


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