Wednesday 2 April 2014

Bye bye to the hen and chicks

If you have read my last post on My Hen Laid Eggs, here is the follow up story.  After a few day of hatching, 9 eggs turned into 7 chicks, the other 2 eggs were not successfully hatched.  

We can not keep the hen and the chicks as Clet has arranged for the construction workers to come in to do some renovation on our backyard.  Our backyard is all mess up with holes for laying the ground beam foundations.  No place for the chicken anymore.

We are very happy that Clet's brother is willing to adopt our hen and chicks.  They live in the outskirt with his own land, it is more appropriate to rear chicken there.


  1. yeah probably better for the chicks to have a more free-range place to grow up huh?? anyway, you can always see them again when you pay Clet's brother a visit :)

  2. Wow, I'm sure it's sad to let it go! Wonder what it's like rearing chickens......


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